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The cook dressed quickly is too dark

The cook dressed quickly is too dark

The cook dressed quickly is too dark

Rating: 9 / 10 from 47176 ratings
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    The cook dressed quickly is too dark
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    Phoenix wish
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    Beauty Read
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Ling Jiu doesn't know where she comes from, why she can live forever, and never cares about other people's ideas. The only thing that can move her is food but why does she always meet that strange man but for the sake of his good cooking skills, let him follow her for the time being. Anyway, he can change when he meets a new cook one day but... I don't know when he became more attractive than delicious food and kept her out of sight Ling Xiujin only wanted to protect her, help her "rebirth" and return her life-saving grace, but unconsciously, she lost her heart that's all. He doesn't care about her identity. He just wants to keep her with him all the time. However, the other party always doesn't get it. He just regards him as a... Cook summary: This is the story of a handsome diamond king and five. In order to impress the heart of a loyal female escort with amnesia, he was reduced from the master to the cook of the other party.

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