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My grandfather came to fix immortals again

My grandfather came to fix immortals again

My grandfather came to fix immortals again

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    My grandfather came to fix immortals again
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    Shallow bamboo
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    Passion Novel
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2023-03-17 05:31:20
Thousands of years ago, she was the daughter who was about to ascend to heaven. As a result, the spirit split by the last sky thunder drifted between heaven and earth if you really respond to the words of the master in those years, success is also lucky, and failure is also lucky the green moon has become a wisp of lonely soul. It does not belong to the world and cannot enter the ghost road. The only visible thing is the few souls who have just died. Listen to them tell the story of the world, until one day, she is reborn as a big man thousands of years ago, she went to explore the secret place she made in those years with her classmates and watched others pick up her hard-earned belongings. She was very distressed. Isn't that tantamount to taking someone to steal her own home? But she can't say in this life, you can still become the beautiful girl of heaven through efforts. You know the truth that you didn't rise thousands of years ago by mistake. Is it abandonment or? Stay?

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