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The boss of the hostess was blasted again

The boss of the hostess was blasted again

The boss of the hostess was blasted again

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    The boss of the hostess was blasted again
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    Zhu Mo Mo
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    Ethical Novel
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2023-05-13 17:06:45
[paranoid and affectionate man vs indifferent woman] hot news! Qianjin, who has been raised in Nan's family for 16 years, is not his own. Now everyone is waiting to see the excitement and live up to expectations. Fake Qianjin is directly driven out of Cloud City in public, and there is no news however, four years later, the fake Qianjin returned to Cloud City again. The fake Qianjin who just returned to Cloud City directly hit the powerful Sun family in Beijing. This time, everyone was waiting to see the excitement. When the fake Qianjin couldn't live in Cloud City, he didn't expect the sun family to go bankrupt in the twinkling of an eye what was more unexpected was that the fake Qianjin lived wantonly in Cloud City and was close to the master of Sichuan in the capital. Everyone in Cloud City made way, and everyone sighed that they didn't deserve it until the fake Qianjin fell one vest after another, stunning everyone in Cloud City demining: in this article, women are strong, cool and vest. Women have strong self-esteem and occasionally have some contrast in character men are sick and charming. If you are sick, don't enter if you don't like it I think about my mistress every day for Wen Nanchuan, southern porcelain is not only his salvation, but also his medicine, which can cure his heart disease PS: The hostess is good at calculating shrewdly, will weigh the pros and cons, and her IQ will not decline one sentence summary: the female leader is arrogant and indifferent, heartless and heartless, and the male leader is paranoid and infatuated it turns out that someone has really asked for no humble love for many years two way redemption text follow Chuanye and go all the way to xiaopingpo in society, my sister porcelain doesn't talk much

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