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Star junk queen

Star junk queen

Star junk queen

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    Star junk queen
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    Liu Shengsheng
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    Beauty Read
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2022-09-05 07:06:16
Passing through a garbage star in the interstellar age, Ji pomelo was so poor that she was about to dig the earth to eat, but... The earth here was poisonous and could not eat... There was no way, she had to lower her body to pick up garbage and sell rags... for example, no one wanted such beautiful grass seeds. Pick up a car bead and sell it online but as soon as he hung up on the Internet, someone made a bad comment: "grass seeds and fruits are sold. Is it crazy to want money?" a few days later, the man regretted beating the wall: "kneel down and beg to sell me one grass seed fruit, just one! Just one." Ji Yougao Leng said, "don't sell!" for another example, the broken stones in the street are bright, but no one wants them, Pick it up, polish it into bracelets and sell it online the crowd made a vicious remark: "all the broken rocks are sold, haven't you seen the money?" a few days later, the crowd cried bitterly and said: "I have no eyes, I am clumsy, such a beautiful stone, kneel down and beg to sell me." Ji grapefruit stood up and said: "no more."