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She tore up the white moonlight script

She tore up the white moonlight script

She tore up the white moonlight script

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    She tore up the white moonlight script
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    Jie Jingfu
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-05-31 21:47:07
Yan Xi is the eldest lady of the Yan family, the head of the four families in Beiqiao city brilliant, but weak and ill, destined to die early, is the untouchable white moonlight in many people's hearts one day she had a dream that her world was a novel in the novel, in order to heal the pain of losing his wife and daughter, his father adopted a girl Chen Xiangxiang who looks like her the girl is as soft as a deer, but she is especially cured, which is more pitiable than her after letting the girl be her substitute for a while and experiencing all kinds of heart abuse, everyone woke up one after another. Father, brother, fiance and friends spoiled the girl one after another Yan Xi, the damned white moonlight, has been dying all the time. She has fought against all kinds of girls, and her life has become a vicious female companion finally, he was hated and despised by everyone. He was designed to throw sulfuric acid on his face and jumped out of a building to die. After his death, he left a large legacy and was inherited by the girl Yan Xi, who feels guilty for failing to save her mother and is indifferent to life and death:... she suddenly doesn't want to die she tore up the white moonlight script and decided to stay away from these psychopaths, do good research, play music, invest, lose the horse and abuse the residue, and strive to live longer than anyone else, so that no one can think of her property in the process of abusing dregs, I took the opportunity to protect a noble and cold beautiful young man. As a result, the beautiful young man is also a big man with a lot of waistcoats?