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Chess return

Chess return

Chess return

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    Chess return
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    Weixin Book
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2022-08-05 07:35:02
"Hey, did you hear that general Yao has another son!" "Yeah! Well, I said, this baby must be a boy. In the future, it must be another brave and invincible general like a general!" "everyone has his own way of life. Why should I bind myself in the palace like brother Wang?" the man is the youngest son of a general, He enjoyed countless privileges and was finally expelled from the country. A large sedan was carried to a neighboring country and became Lingxiao's door-to-door husband, who was ridiculed the female Lord is the future queen of LingXiao kingdom. She met and fell in love with the male Lord. Finally, in order to save the male Lord, she begged her father to promise this marriage. Both of them betrayed the family. For their respective goals, they have to separate and meet again I shouldn't be able to write be. Probably..

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