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Rainbow fart series

Rainbow fart series

Rainbow fart series

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    Rainbow fart series
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Reincarnated seven color stars in the early days 15 billion years ago, the universe was chaotic. There was a giant named Pangu who had the power to create a new world. In order to create a thriving nature for all things in the world, he made every effort to separate heaven and earth Pangu's exhaled gas turns into countless stars, planets and galaxies. Seven color star is one of them. It is in charge of the balanced distribution of yin and Yang in the universe, works meticulously, conscientiously and conscientiously only in recent hundreds of years, there have been constant reports from planetary people that there are always various problems of inequality between men and women on a planet called Earth in the solar system the stars have talked about that human beings are higher creatures in the universe, and their survival and continuity absolutely need balanced development. Only when men and women get along equally can they be mutually beneficial and friendly, and Yin and yang are conserved once human beings break this natural law, sooner or later they will suffer the scourge of the universe and eventually die out in order to save mankind and the reproduction of life on earth, the seven color star feels that it is incumbent on him.