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Villain, he s a crazy beauty

Villain, he s a crazy beauty

Villain, he s a crazy beauty

Rating: 9 / 10 from 18699 ratings
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    Villain, he s a crazy beauty
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    Lu Zhishen
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    Sky Book
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2023-03-31 23:52:24
At first sight, she was clean and he was angry when we saw him again, he was the high spirited captain of the criminal investigation team. She was a cellist who would report everything Xiao tuizhi; "What will you do if I commit a crime?" Song Yanshi; "I don't know what to do. I'll take the blame." it's well known that cellist Xiao Tui has a bright star, with the wind and water. However, song Yan, who lives in the gutter, risked his own flesh and blood to open a sunshine Avenue for her her finger was bitten, she was almost caught by hidden rules, she was trapped in the sea of fire, she cried, and he gave it all back "retreat, you don't have to love me, it's my delusion." "Ashi, you are the only thought I want to live in this world." you are not you, I am not me, but we have become each other - Song Yanshi all my albums are named after you, and you are also mine - Xiao tuizhi [a beautiful and confident cellist vs his father's boyfriend song Yan] [lightning protection; the man is sick, charming and tired of the world, has a moral bottom line, and is a... Meow]

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