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Regenerate the black moonlight of the villain boss

Regenerate the black moonlight of the villain boss

Regenerate the black moonlight of the villain boss

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    Regenerate the black moonlight of the villain boss
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    Recalling water as cold
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    Light Novel
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2023-05-03 07:23:59
When Shen Tingyu doesn't perform an autopsy, he always ponders in the playbook, the youth became famous and took over the power of the court and government General Pei, who is noisy with oxen and forks ninety nine percent is a simple butcher with two pig knives in hand when Pei Zheng is in a daze, he always thinks the people in the Jianghu attack each other by writing, the infamous nether cult leader, ten out of ten is a strong and ugly witch with countless men's favourites one day, the butcher and the witch meet in a strange scene... next, you will think that this is an unprecedented love between a black coquettish general and the leader of the suction imperial sister cult wrong this is the story of a female neurologist and a coquettish wolf dog who fell in love, killed and plucked each other here's the truth: the female devil who once could shake the forensic community with one stamp has crossed into a little gangster struggling at the bottom to solve the case by autopsy SHEN Tingyu said: there are two realms in life: eating and waiting for death, and killing with tricks it's all dead. If you dare to let me die, I don't mind bleeding your artery so the first time she bled, Pei Zheng met her I see how abnormal you are, and I expect you to see me like this Pei Zheng: your autopsy looks so beautiful SHEN Tingyu: Thank you. It's also good when I cut people with a knife.

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