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His Highness the prince usurped the throne

His Highness the prince usurped the throne

His Highness the prince usurped the throne

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    His Highness the prince usurped the throne
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    Tu cha
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    Wine Novel
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She is a lonely soul from the 21st century. She lives in an insignificant palace maid and accompanies Her Highness the prince, who is the lowest existence in the whole palace he is the prince, the orphan of the former dynasty and the nephew of the emperor. He exists only for the stability of the country and the so-called benevolence, righteousness and morality of the emperor. He is humble to the dust and lives in the cold East Palace the two collided. She accompanied him all the way to stir up the wind and cloud in the imperial palace. The hand that should have held the book held a long sword. She said: Your Highness, don't be afraid. Ah Yu is here. Ah Yu will never give up Her Highness. Ah Yu and Her Highness will bear this sin together he held the hard won warmth tightly in his arms. He said: ah Yu, if you can, the palace hopes you will push away the palace like those people, so that at least you are alive and hide in a place unknown to the palace. When the king of the palace comes to the world, he will find you, and then say to you, "ah Yu, let's go home." it's not you, it's the troubled times, This is the world the world says that if you want your minister to die, your minister has to die he smiled: but what if I don't want to? That's the opposite.

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