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Sick demon God, he always has a bad heart for me

Sick demon God, he always has a bad heart for me

Sick demon God, he always has a bad heart for me

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    Sick demon God, he always has a bad heart for me
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    Jian Jiu
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    Happy Novel
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2023-05-26 09:59:10
[redemption 1v1, super sweet and mutual favor] [evil, paranoid beauty] × Yan Qingqing is a deadly disaster in the sky. For hundreds of years, the immortals avoided her like snakes and scorpions. One day, when the frightening demon God killed the sky and was helpless, the immortals kicked Yan Qingqing out of the quilt Yan Qingqing:? Are you polite * it's too late to die. Yan Qingqing has become a little princess with thousands of favors. Her days are natural and unrestrained until one day, she saved a little dumb slave with cheap hands Personal handmaid: he's really poor Mother: what a lovely and handsome baby Dad: save people to the end, stay Yan Qingqing: didn't you see him trying to kill me people: don't talk nonsense Yan Qingqing: - late at night, the little dumb slave knelt under her bed and stroked her cheek with a dagger in his hand. His smile was very frightening Yan Qingqing was pathetic and looked at the man dimly with tears: you, what are you doing the little dumb slave Feng has dark eyes and a deep smile: the little master wants to refuse to play well. Since you can't sleep at night, the slave naturally wants to serve you to sleep in person Yan Qingqing:... he stares at her like a wolf every night. How does she sleep if the emperor of heaven didn't coerce her to influence the demon God with her immortal book, she would kill him * Lou Jue wanted to torture the little wretch who lost all his demon power, but over time, he seemed to like her delicate and timid appearance male host: the movie emperor is extremely fierce and cruel, and the boss is cruel female host: the unlucky guy who is forced to act but has super bad acting skills

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