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When long Aotian came to the world of cannon fodder

When long Aotian came to the world of cannon fodder

When long Aotian came to the world of cannon fodder

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    When long Aotian came to the world of cannon fodder
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    Originated from mountains and seas
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    Happy Read
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2023-05-19 04:51:48
(fast wear without CP) Lin zhoudu, a talented girl from Kyushu mainland, failed to rob, leaving only a wisp of divine consciousness floating. Inadvertently captured by the cannon fodder system 520 and bound with it the system requires Lin Zhou to wear cannon fodder in a small world and do tasks according to their requirements, so as to calm the grievances of these grievances. If he fails, he will be wiped out by the LORD God Lin Zhou said it was great. He was just tired of floating in the original world System:... I seem to have lost * the younger martial sister who is infatuated with the male leader in the martial arts world * the small cannon ash in the dark ancient castle * the Taoist priest who can't practice metaphysics well * the background board of the tyrant of the last dynasty * the spoiled fairy second generation in the fairy Xia world ... To be determined demining: 1, no CP, Zhouzhou focuses on his career and has no emotional drama. The supporting role may be ambiguous, but Zhouzhou is unique 2. The original protagonist is not necessarily a bad person, of course, it may be really scum 3. Zhouzhou is a big man at the beginning, and there is no need to upgrade. Early warning is needed. Dog writers like this kind of fast wear articles. At present, Zhouzhou is self cutting legs 4. Zhouzhou's character is changeable, calm and cold in the early stage, and its nature will be exposed in the later stage. It is bad and sand sculpture, but it's not gentle and kind

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