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Check in in the real and fake world

Check in in the real and fake world

Check in in the real and fake world

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    Check in in the real and fake world
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    Sinking boat fishing for snow
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    Only Novel
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Jiang Wan passed through the ancient times and became the abandoned real daughter among the true and false daughters seeing that a dog blood drama is about to unfold, Jiang Wan obtains the check-in system in time you sign in under the mysterious cliff and get the spirit spring × 1 you sign in under the bodhi tree full of Buddha nature and get the flower finger × 1 you sign in at Jinxiu Tianyi Square and gain exquisite embroidery skills × 1 when you sign in at the Imperial College, you get a sense of poetry and book × 1 ... you successfully save people once and gain a free point that can be used for check-in + 1 you break the negative magnetic field Feng Shui Bureau once and gain a free point + 2 ... Jiang Wan: the Qi watching skill of your left hand can see through the focus at a glance, and the medicine magic of your right hand can cure diseases and kill insects. The check-in system is very interesting. From then on, I will never play with you again... zhenqianjin has been wildly pursued by his Highness the king of Chu recently. Gouzi is a little wild, arrogant and autistic. He is also good at changing his face in a second. He is an ice maker in front of people and a talker in the back Jiang Wan: "no, help, I'm really overwhelmed..." Qin Su smiled slightly why only you, because only you are in my heart love Gu is not Gu, it's to wait for me to meet you in the past, thousands of stars were dumb, but in the future, the world will be bright... there is a finished article "Rongyi" on the boutique channel, so you can enter the pit with confidence!

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