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The garbage system came to me

The garbage system came to me

The garbage system came to me

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    The garbage system came to me
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    Leaves in the moonlight
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    Happy Novel
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2023-03-18 00:36:12
Zhou Yuwei, an older leftover girl, stayed at home every day and waited to die. At midnight, she inexplicably bound an interstellar environmental protection waste treatment system and began her difficult journey of picking up waste what? Exchange waste products for points. Points can be exchanged for many good things. They can also travel around the world. Why do you have to complete the task? The task is too difficult! How to upgrade and deduct points she is just an ordinary person. I don't believe in the attribute of recessive environmental protection gene. I'm definitely not a person who likes to turn the trash can. I have a habit of cleanliness I really want to find things in the system mall and travel across different worlds! I really want to be a Wulin expert. I have super powers. I'm a immortal and walk on the sword for these reasons, as a Virgo, she fought hard and went through the garbage cans in full arms to complete one arduous task after another. she opened a waste acquisition station, built a waste treatment plant, founded a Machinery Research Institute, and worked together with the only remaining monks in the world to protect the environment, protect human homes and restore clear water and blue sky.

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