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Koi s beautiful wife is fierce and sweet

Koi s beautiful wife is fierce and sweet

Koi s beautiful wife is fierce and sweet

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    Koi s beautiful wife is fierce and sweet
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    Pupils come on
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    Qishi Book
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2023-03-23 14:12:33
The exotic soul wears the koi's physical soul to the modern world. After making a wish to incarnate into the strongest guy, her life begins... she is the top in the full-scale entertainment circle; The gold medal screenwriter is her; She is the world's first hacker; She is also a big guy in the fashion circle... her father, who was originally a courier, took out the black card: "good daughter, brush it casually. If you don't think the name of this bank sounds good, Dad, there are other banks." father ye took out a stack of black cards from his pocket Mother Ye frowned and said, "if you dare to bully my Nannan, I'll call the political leaders!" even her brother who has been taking care of her said to her one day, "sister, I bought the company, and you'll be in charge here in the future!" a doctor secretly posted his jade photo on the Internet: "I'm her husband!" Suddenly the ground broke into pieces the whole network of fans broke their hearts. Please, hurry up and be with our male god!

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