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After divorce, he became a full-scale God of war

After divorce, he became a full-scale God of war

After divorce, he became a full-scale God of war

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    After divorce, he became a full-scale God of war
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    Wine heart marshmallow
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    Free Novel
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The whole Fengcheng feels that ye Qianqian is an empty and beautiful waste, which is not worthy of the noble, cold and arrogant seventh master Xiao when she returned from Nirvana five years later, everyone ridiculed her for her unfaithfulness and wanted to reunite with her ex husband even her mother regarded her as a thorn in the eye and a thorn in the flesh. She threw down a check and warned her not to continue pestering seventh master Xiao. If a local tyrant marries her, she should be happy to marry, otherwise she will die without a whole body Ye Qianqian tore up the check. What do you want, seventh master Xiao? Isn't revenge good for your career the first God of war of the independent continental War Department the first president of the top chaebol group the first leader of the hidden family alliance the first God of the super genius group a pile of top-grade waistcoats, but she is very busy when the God of war Ye swept through everything, the secret hidden for many years suddenly came to light the father who died in the plane crash didn't die, but also brought a bunch of favorite sister's crazy brother... ****** everyone said that Lord Xiao was cruel, evil and cruel, and never took anyone to heart but when I saw master Xiao kneeling with his son durian, whispering softly and smiling, "wife, I promise we won't have another baby after giving birth." everyone shook their heads and sighed. The rumor is not credible.

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