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Young lady, she is poor and stingy

Young lady, she is poor and stingy

Young lady, she is poor and stingy

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    Young lady, she is poor and stingy
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    Swallow return time
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    Apple novel
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He Xiaoran was designed to marry young master Zhou, a reclusive tycoon. Young master Zhou was forced to marry an ugly daughter-in-law and became the laughing stock of the family at the beginning, young master Zhou pointed to he Xiaoran's nose and scolded her for being shameless, which made her die. Xiao missed him later, he Xiaoran raised a turtle and was taken care of by master Zhou. On Valentine's day, master Zhou refused countless flowers and chocolates and wholeheartedly waited for his daughter-in-law to give gifts. As a result, he didn't wait for the past three days according to an insider, "young master, don't wait. Young lady, she is poor and stingy. Maserati's bumper was damaged, but she still used transparent adhesive." so young master Zhou clenched his fist. In this way, he gave his daughter-in-law a gift... As a result, he knelt down for three days

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