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Dragon Girl, don t go after school

Dragon Girl, don t go after school

Dragon Girl, don t go after school

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    Dragon Girl, don t go after school
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    Eternal life
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    Free Trial Novel
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2023-03-15 05:43:09
The world is settled, the world is flat, and the East China Sea is close to the mulberry tree. It has a strong Yang. Therefore, for tens of thousands of years, the dragon family only gave birth to boys. It's not noisy. If the Dragon King's Majesty was not growing, the Crystal Palace would be torn down Yunbai is the first baby girl in the East China Sea in 100000 years. Since she was born, she has been taken care of by her parents and elders. There are also six brothers, one of whom can play I thought it would be a carefree adult to marry a lover. Who knows, I have to go to Tianshan to go to school. The teachers of the school are very good, but the students are a little tricky. Adhering to the good atmosphere of Donghai man that "people don't offend me, I don't offend, and if people offend me, I'll beat them to death", the Dragon girl is the lever to bear the burden in the school. The mantra of the crown prince of the family that day has become "Dragon Girl, have the ability, don't go after school." after three cycles, love and hate are intertwined, I don't know how good time was until I look back.

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