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Flint spirit

Flint spirit

Flint spirit

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    Flint spirit
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    Idle residence in the middle of the mountain
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    The One Book
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2022-08-04 23:20:00
Anxin crossed the declining world of cultivating immortals, was troubled by nightmares, was alert, saved her elder martial sister by mistake, eradicated evil and opened up her life: the chaos in the Jianghu could not defeat her, the changes of the sect turned the tide, and the disputes in the three areas were reduced by one effort... she crossed the customs all the way, killed generals, fought strange and upgraded, struggled upward, finally pushed open the immortal gate, embarked on the road of eternal life, and stood at the peak of the world at the beginning of her comfortable life, she encountered a dog blood drama in which three souls seized a body If heaven wants to destroy her, how can we wait to die someone looked up to the sky without words: "Anxin, you should take the lead in everything, and don't give me any chance?" group image novels have many characters and complex plots, so you should be careful to enter the pit abbreviated version: the world is familiar with using flint wood to make fire when crossing a different world and being tortured by the memory of the Buddha, it's like a flint taking fire to survive, Anxin must counter attack in another world and become a legend.

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