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With the star farm reborn to Nian Daiwen

With the star farm reborn to Nian Daiwen

With the star farm reborn to Nian Daiwen

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    With the star farm reborn to Nian Daiwen
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    Fallen leaves become solitary
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    People Books
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2023-03-18 16:14:16
In order to save the interstellar human beings, Chu Ling, the little interstellar princess, carried the task through time and space. When she opened her eyes, she wore it in an age article and became a cannon fodder girl fortunately, the Chu family's ten generation single biography (daughter), so she is the big darling of the family in this starving famine era, my parents, four brothers and four cousins all saved their rations for her to eat in order to prevent his family from starving, Chu Ling had to start the planting task in advance eat grass in the yard every day (actually throw it on the farm). Don't even let go of soil and stones when it's too much the eight brothers are very distressed to see this. They change patterns every day to teach Chu Ling common sense of life sister, you can't eat stones. You'll die sister, the earth can't be eaten, it will kill people... those little ones saw it and joined the teaching team one after another aunt, this grass can't be eaten aunt, this flower can't be bitten... Chu Ling:... while she was busy, the female owner Bai Lianhua came Chu Ling never talks about this kind of person. After all, she still has so many plants to grow. How can she waste time so... captain, XXX was beaten by your daughter captain, XXX was thrown into the river by your daughter captain, XXX was rubbed on the ground by your little princess the captain said:... No, nonsense, you are wrong later, the gloomy boy in the cowshed always appeared inexplicably when Chu Ling cleaned up people call it good Chu Ling: look silly, okay 'Hey, fart boy, you're blocking the princess from teaching people!' 'say you! You ruined the princess's plan, you know? "