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Xiuzhen boss is a black lotus

Xiuzhen boss is a black lotus

Xiuzhen boss is a black lotus

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    Xiuzhen boss is a black lotus
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    No night in the prosperous Tang Dynasty
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    Garden Novel
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2022-01-29 04:46:09
[orthodox version] wake up from the desolate Tang Dynasty and have a vast heart. Yijian town Zhutian, ride Huangling Qingyun [normal version] a small white flower was forced to become a overlord flower. After rebirth, it evolved into a black lotus Su shuangwen Sheng yunhuai was a little white flower at the beginning of her previous life. She fell into the lower world since she was a child and returned to the Brahma world with her life-long cultivation. However, she has long been replaced by a higher level white lotus biological parents: "chi'er's mind is pure. Don't bully her again and again?" biological brother: "don't always want to rob chi'er's things. It's disgusting." biological brother: "you deserve to be my sister too? I only have sister Chi. Why are you so selfish and vicious?" She was forced to sacrifice her green lotus seed by the master worshipped by the family to enhance Sheng Yunchi's talent win over the sword. The demon who loved Sheng Yunchi directly abandoned her innate sword bone her friend who had been saved by her loved Sheng Yunchi and turned her black hand into a tyrant Xiaobaihua was forced into a tyrant flower Sheng yunhuai had an ill fated life, but he was gifted and unparalleled for ever, Destined to soar, I regret that in the end, I killed Xuanxian with Mahayana and died together fortunately, Sheng yunhuai decided that she would be a Black Lotus it's completely black. All the so-called family, family, teachers and friends are bullshit. She doesn't want them everything that was taken away in her previous life belongs to her. She wants to take it back except garbage long Zizi: daughter-in-law, I you have to [male perspective] numerous relegated stars are born with dignity and are the most arrogant ZuLong in the world but they are willing to lower their arrogant head for his little girl thousands of years, which is not as good as your eyes.

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