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The strongest killer prefers farming

The strongest killer prefers farming

The strongest killer prefers farming

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    The strongest killer prefers farming
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    Mo fan frost
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    Weixin Book
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2023-04-01 00:18:16
[an enterprising female leader who has peerless martial arts but only loves farming] vs [an enterprising male leader who has unparalleled intelligence but does not divide grain] her name is "summoning evil". She was originally the big boss of the famous killer organization "Jianzhi Jianghu" in the Jianghu. Her martial arts are unpredictable. She kills like a hemp. She is a real female demon head because the killing was too heavy, one day all the heroes in the world rose up and attacked them. They died under the zhenhun sword and disappeared on the top of Qi Mountain once she died, she became a 15-year-old orphan girl in a village at the foot of Yunling mountain. some people said she was a lonely star of Tiansha, so she bought a husband to come back; Some people say she can't have a son, but others hurry to kowtow to be her son; Some people said that she had never seen the world in her life. She looked at the mountains of gold, silver and jewelry in the warehouse, put her left hand around "beautiful family members like flowers", looked up and scolded: I have money, power and beauty, but I love farming!

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