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Spoiled Heavenly Master

Spoiled Heavenly Master

Spoiled Heavenly Master

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    Spoiled Heavenly Master
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    Extra strong one plus one
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2023-03-16 21:30:08
Taoist priest Tongling stood up: since ancient times, human demons did not stand side by side. Beilingtian, as a demon, you want to live in peace with mortals. It's just a dream! As long as I have a bronze bell in one day, I will die to collect all the demons and evil spirits in the world! Including you beilingtian squints: Tongling, do you really know what is Tao and what is righteousness? In your eyes, the life of our demon family is like a mole ant. Kill it if you want. What's the difference between you and the demon Fei Ni was angry: beilingtian, don't insult my master beilingtian dotes on her face: no humiliation, no humiliation. What girl Ni says is what she says. Yo, girl, are you willing to join hands with me to create a prosperous era of human demon peace Fei Ni looked at her master and blushed. After a while, she summoned up the courage to follow her inner voice: I will!

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