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Thanksgiving rebirth

Thanksgiving rebirth

Thanksgiving rebirth

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    Thanksgiving rebirth
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    Xiu Kun
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    52weixin Books
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2023-03-15 20:04:34
After Qian Qiqi died, she used the power of Youming lotus to revive her soul through the ancient times. The constraints in the ancient times made her often think of loving her parents when Qi'er learned that Youming lotus was in Gongsun Yu's hand, he tried his best to sneak into Gongsun mansion and stayed as a translator Gong Sun Yu, the secret pivot pavilion that holds the information of national organizations, is also a noble and noble. He has the trust of the former Emperor and the new emperor. As the idol of girls in the boudoir Pavilion, he is courteous to the whole court. She was flattered by Qi'er and disobeyed by Qi'er. Naturally, she suspected that she had a purpose, but she couldn't find out Qi'er's true identity? Let Gongsun Yu be a little surprised at her Qi'er naturally doesn't like Gongsun Yu's aloofness and arrogance, but he has to try to please in order to get Youming lotus Gongsun Yu gradually likes Qi'er's free and easy character and favors her. Qi'er is also moved by Gongsun Yu's care and partiality... the story is easy and sweet... Let's have a look!