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After rebirth, boss, she changed the world

After rebirth, boss, she changed the world

After rebirth, boss, she changed the world

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    After rebirth, boss, she changed the world
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    One party
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    Garden Novel
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2022-09-23 04:38:47
Sheng Jiao, who was taken home by her biological parents, was taken away by her adopted daughter and thrown out of the base. Sheng Jiao, who died under the siege of zombies, was reborn reborn in parallel spacetime at this time, Sheng Jiao has not been picked up by the Ye family, framed by her adopted daughter, bullied, humiliated and died in peace to live a new life, Sheng Jiao decided to kick away her cold and heartless family and focus on being her savior in the 13th year of the end of the world, the end of the world discovered a strange live studio there are also zombies in the world, but the situation is much better than them the singer of the charity performance did not despair and commit suicide because of his brother's death, but wrote healing songs to resist the attack of the wave of zombies the base of pit killing powers did not become a cancer, but was surrounded and suppressed wantonly and completely disappeared in the embryonic period doctors bitten by patients did not die with precious healing powers. They worked hard to treat patients and save people, and developed antibodies against zombie virus a man with a gifted ability who should have died of a serious illness at the beginning of the end of the day miraculously came back to life even the research institutes that were forced to suspend their research received funding from well intentioned people, ending the end of the world the end of the world caused a sensation and wanted to find a way to end the end of the end of the world like the people in that world the top level of the base is pale only they know that this person who has changed the world has long been thrown into the zombie heap by them, and there are no bones left they destroyed hope with their own hands and watched Sheng Jiao get rid of the shackles of fate and shine in parallel time and space.

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