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Come on, I m kidnapped by the system

Come on, I m kidnapped by the system

Come on, I m kidnapped by the system

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    Come on, I m kidnapped by the system
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    Nangu Xiqiu
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[in this article, men and women 1v1, wear fast, spoil sweetly, abuse slag face, strategy plan] Fei Bai was kidnapped by the system for no reason. She said she wanted to transform her from a slag man into a good young man with "five stresses, four beauties and three loves" Fei Bai: "? What's the matter? What did you just say, say it again?" scum man she an 18-year-old, beautiful fairy daughter the system trembled and almost didn't retract its limbs into the turtle shell: "er... This... That, I said to implement the slag man... No! The slag woman transformation plan..." it's over, Ma Ma Ma, help Why didn't the LORD God tell it how to release the wrong host the system said, "after completing the task, the host can go to the peak of life and marry Bai Fumei... Well, marry Gao fushuai! Are you happy?" feibai: "ha ha." do you think I want to laugh Fei Bai, who was tied up by mistake, was forced to embark on the road of "transformation". During the transformation task, she accidentally provoked a pure little milk dog - a man smiled low and dumb: "little milk dog? Me? It's not bad." at least the heartless woman would be soft when she saw his appearance.

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