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Villains abuse Dogs Online

Villains abuse Dogs Online

Villains abuse Dogs Online

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    Villains abuse Dogs Online
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    Orange two three
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    Light Novel
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2023-03-29 12:48:19
Suddenly wearing a book, Qiu Miao found that it was: the whole network is black? Vampires with a hook of red lips and twelve centimeter high heels, you can shine when asked, "Why are you holding Xiaosheng Jiang Peizhi in the face? Have you had a facelift?" after taking the recorder, Qiu Miao's peach eyes are full of brilliance, "because... I'm so beautiful that I'm afraid he'll fall in love with me." "and... I have a partner." once the black ugly women on the Internet change their face, admit their love and go straight to the top of the hot search sarcasm is heard slowly, they find that the person they hate she became a female general who protected her sister with death she has become one of the best actresses in the entertainment industry she has become the youngest three golden movie queen in history it will eventually become more and more popular among the whole people Yes - who is the target netizens kept inquiring about Qiu Miao's private life until one day, an insignificant news was fermented for two hours, went to the top of the hot search, and the microblog was paralyzed for three hours the whole network knows the specific situation Qiu Miao was drunk and forced to kiss film emperor Lu Ze in the flower bed in public before the netizen asked about the situation, they rushed out to claim it Lu Ze: "I've been looking forward to it for a long time. You've finally found it. Let's talk about it. My wife @ Qiu Miao" Qiu Miao: "surprise is not surprising, meaning is not unexpected, and stabbing is not exciting. Hahahahahaha My husband @ Lu Ze" the whole network: "... emmmm... I always thought you were happy enemies I didn't expect to be really happy friends!!!

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