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The end of rebirth was watched by bigots

The end of rebirth was watched by bigots

The end of rebirth was watched by bigots

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    The end of rebirth was watched by bigots
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    Young master Tang scorpion
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    Mp3 Books
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2022-09-29 12:44:59
When meteorites fall from the sky, 90% of human beings become zombies, and the rest are fighting each other for survival resources Bai Xiaoyue survived, saved some people and joined the power team the last world didn't kill her, but I didn't expect to die in the hands of an old classmate "sister Yue didn't mean to push me to bite a zombie." "sister Yue can beat a zombie. She needs strength. It's right to take an extra biscuit." "I can't do anything. It's normal for sister Yue not to want me to form a team." again and again, the team leader didn't trust her and her teammates didn't trust her until one day... "Even if the zombie scratched Xiao Yue's sister, we can't give her up." Bai Xiaoyue, who was thrown alive to feed the zombie and watched her body swallowed, vowed that if she did it again, she would let those who killed her taste what it was like to see herself eaten! maybe she was deeply resentful, but she was really reborn! in order to get some money and prepare for eschatological supplies, she had to cheat some money from future eschatological leaders, but the money was not cheated. Look What did she get into?! a fierce wolf with a serious cleanliness habit and no human feelings? He bit her neck for no reason. He confiscated the materials he got and had to serve vegetables and soup. He said that he could not go east or west. No wonder he could become a big man of the end of the world! All the materials were exploited? but fortunately, the man was still protecting his weaknesses. The scum man junior bullied her, He helped her bully her back. The zombie was going to bite her. He... Was bitten for her?! "because I love you." Bai Xiaoyue is crazy. You are a fierce wolf. If you don't be your boss at the end of the world, what feelings will kill you!

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