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A life of wind and water

A life of wind and water

A life of wind and water

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    A life of wind and water
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    Mo Zizi
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2023-03-14 07:40:24
Closing a home is a very ordinary family. Many of us may have experienced everything that happened in this family the combination of Mr. Feng and Mr. Du is more like a legend. Love does not disappear with the passage of time. In a family environment full of love and light, there are three children with completely different personalities these three children have experienced their own twists and turns on their own growth path. These twists and turns are all traces of life, whether they are lucky or tempered life cannot be copied or copied, but life must not be easily given up. The life you have worked hard can be sweet, the life you have struggled with can be sweet, and even the life you have hated can be sweet. The important thing is to have an attitude and yearning for life the life of rising wind and rising water depends on yourself!