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Don t let the system assign boyfriends

Don t let the system assign boyfriends

Don t let the system assign boyfriends

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    Don t let the system assign boyfriends
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    Its Shuo
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    Wind Book
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2022-01-20 23:49:36
Jiang Xiaohe was forced to bind the love system in his sleep. When he woke up, Fu Keyu, who was 185cm tall, had eight abdominal muscles and absolute beauty, appeared beside her bed... [1] after Jiang Xiaohe returned Fu Keyu, the stupid system matched the two people together again he returned with anger: "Jiang Xiaohe, who gave you the courage to dump me?" [2] "Jiang Xiaohe, where is the ordinary part of my body?" Fu Keyu stopped her halfway JIANG Xiaohe thought for a moment and said, "your girlfriend is quite ordinary. Why don't you change it?" Fu Keyu confidently replied: "even if you are the only failure in my life, I can lead you to a wonderful life. Do you want me to change my girlfriend? Don't dream!" [3] "Jiang Xiaohe, if I can cure you once, I can cure you for the second, third and countless times. Don't think about leaving me to find other wild men. It's impossible. I'm absolutely not allowed."