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Cousin Wanfu

Cousin Wanfu

Cousin Wanfu

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    Cousin Wanfu
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    as if
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2022-08-09 17:43:38
Men and women are not related by blood Yu youyou had a nightmare in her dream, she married song Mingzhao, the son of Marquis of Zhenguo, and became the medicine guide of her third sister Yu Bingjia after three years of painstaking efforts, Yu youyou's oil dried up, and she was gouged out of her heart and died when she woke up, Yu Youyao was trembling and hugged her cousin from Youzhou: "cousin, I will be good to you all my life." Zhou linghuai supported her and took her all the way to glory and Fengyi the world after Yu youyou and her hairpin, Song Mingzhao, the prince of the town, proposed marriage at the door, Zhou linghuai blocked Yu youyou in a corner and said hoarsely, "don't marry others!" the king conspired against you and cut off all the people. The prince Yin Huaixi, alias Zhou linghuai, took a heart of disobedience and hatred of eroding the bones and lived in Yu's house. Taking the world as a chess game, he set off a chaotic situation everyone laughed at him as a cripple. Only the little girl squatted in front of him and felt sorry for him: "cousin, does it hurt?" Zhou linghuai wished to: "cover the wind and rain with a body of flesh and blood, protect her clothes from dust, protect her temples from frost, protect her all her life, and give her all her life." 1v1, men and women are clean in body and mind old article Rebirth of a rich family: the return of the devil's daughter. I'm willing to live up to the wait. My friends should collect, comment, reward and support! communication group: 145496713

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