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Great palace leader s wife

Great palace leader s wife

Great palace leader s wife

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    Great palace leader s wife
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    Gu night boat
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    Free Trial Novel
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2023-05-26 08:14:28
"I appreciate your courage to break into the jade dragon palace alone!" when we first met, Shen Yan climbed over the wall and walked into his house, but he caught him it is said in the Jianghu that the Jade Dragon Palace is a demon nest despised by thousands of people, and the palace master is notorious and cruel. He is a great devil hated by all the immortal families Shen Yan thought, I'm dead< Br> knows that as like as two peas in the palace, she has a face that accidentally looks like a lady. Br > seeing this, the palace master was overjoyed and was afraid of losing it again Shen Yan thought again, you can't grow this face in vain and live up to this natural beauty gene it's the palace leader's wife. Why not accompany you Dangdang later, Shen Yan couldn't stand it. She yearned for the free sea and sky so she made a series of escape plans...... however, she escaped, he chased, and she couldn't fly * 1v1 Shuangjie, sweet pet, relaxed, strong, little wolf dog * the theme is Xiuxian, and the background is set as three circles, but not the Xiuxian upgrade stream * the female owner is soul wear * the male owner is a small milk dog in the early stage, a small wolf dog in the middle stage, and a small milk dog in the later stage (suffering from pet wife late cancer) * the male and female owners have multiple waistcoats

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