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God, your red line is wrong again

God, your red line is wrong again

God, your red line is wrong again

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    God, your red line is wrong again
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    Peppermint flavor
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    Day Books
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2022-01-14 11:52:39
The God Bai Zhenzhen, who used to live a comfortable life, was demoted to the world because she led the wrong red line. What she didn't expect was that she went astray into the ghost road and followed the ghost king every day I know that one day, Bai Zhenzhen goes back to his old business and wants to find a suitable ghost princess for Lord ghost king the ghost King grabbed Bai Zhenzhen's arm and blocked Bai Zhenzhen in the corner "Bai Zhenzhen, I used to like you..." "well... I've heard it" "I still like it now!" "Oh? I'd like to hear it in detail!" "I'll always like you!" "it's a great honor!" "will you like me?" "as you wish!"

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