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I sell barbecue in interstellar

I sell barbecue in interstellar

I sell barbecue in interstellar

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    I sell barbecue in interstellar
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    There are fish swimming
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    Ethical Novel
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2023-03-25 02:14:43
[the text is designed to be easy, brainless, illogical, slightly exaggerated, and the main food. Mind entering carefully!!!] this is an era that has experienced great destruction and the rapid development of science and technology but it is also a fault of historical civilization. The food civilization has regressed to the initial formation of food culture and the period of frequent dark cuisine it's like the era specially prepared for cabbage cabbage: "classmate, roast fish, shrimp, oyster, five flower broiler, claw, mutton, beef ribs, chicken wings, palm treasure squid... Understand? Absolutely serious!" "or stewed pig elbow, pig hoof, braised meat, steamed meat, sweet and sour ribs, snail powder, sour and spicy powder, fried noodles... Understand!?" cabbage is determined to let the future people deeply understand the broad and profound food culture of the earth era it is also necessary to add a magnificent stroke to the food civilization of the earth era in the future PS: (CP LAN, Yan) please forgive me for the newcomer's new book. Please cross the interstellar text and textual research. Thank you ~