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Miss Bai s sick wolf cub

Miss Bai s sick wolf cub

Miss Bai s sick wolf cub

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    Miss Bai s sick wolf cub
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    Xi Weimo
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    Pc Books
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2023-03-17 14:40:01
1v1 Shuangjie, sister and brother Bai Mo, a recognized senior management talent of the headhunting company, stands out among the men on Wall Street with cruel means. Who can't say that women don't let men but in her heart, she is just a humble worker she loves money and beautiful men. Romantic anecdotes are no less than iron and blood. There are not many people who are proud of love in the mall at the same time, but Bai Mo wants to be proud all his life Bai Mo thought he would never get married all his life. He passed this life heartlessly, but he didn't expect a contract to let a small milk dog rely on him later, we got along more. The little suckling dog showed a sharp tooth and bit people. It really hurts [small theater] Bai Mo walks into the office and someone who should have read the document is watching a movie "Tang Jun, tell me, do you want to die?" "sister, you're here. Come and see my movie. I'm going to show my abdominal muscles ~" Bai Mo patted his face and pretended to smile, "young master Tang, I really want to kill you." the man blushed on his face and said coyly, "sister, this is not good? It's in the office." Bai Mo: " It was another day when he was angry because his skin was too thin, but the child's abdominal muscle needle didn't poke [beautiful and sassy migrant worker Miss Bai & amp; amp; white cut black wolf cub young master Tang]

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