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Either love or hate

Either love or hate

Either love or hate

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    Either love or hate
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    Wenmu's ink
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    Happy Novel
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2023-05-26 15:40:57
The so-called "lover's love" means that we are together with the person we love, which is also human nature, but this love is also a kind of possessive desire to occupy (her) him for ourselves to some extent. What we love may only be the desire in our hearts. When this desire is released, it is also a time for a person to completely change, He will try his best to have her, a lovely person, everyone wants to have her, but if he puts aside his desire to have her, he just wants her to be happy, or she is no longer as lovely as before. If you still love her, you can really love a person. The so-called "hate for life" means that when you like a person but can't love it, you will hate it. Why don't you hate her belong to yourself, why don't you hate her accept yourself, and hate everything about her. When you have this idea, you are not far from destruction. In fact, there is no need to hate one person in people's heart, because the person who is ruthless will only be safe and sound, But those who hate are black and blue. If you love someone too deeply, your heart will get drunk. If you hate someone too deeply, your heart will die. This book tells the story of Zhang Ran's youth, from the initial meeting, to really falling in love with her, and then to losing her. During this period, Zhang Ran has both the peak of happiness and the trough of despair, and all this just makes him grow better. Only treasure is worthy of possession. Once some people miss it, it's the kind they can't recover in a lifetime, and do it and cherish it

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