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Princess Da Sheng

Princess Da Sheng

Princess Da Sheng

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    Princess Da Sheng
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    Bathe Xiaobai
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    The One Book
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2022-08-03 10:23:11
One is the beloved Princess, Li Shuwan one is Li mubai, a great Confucian talent admired by the world because of the investigation, they became acquainted, fell in love, worked together and asked for orders for the people breaking the "Junma case", exterminating the Kyoto alliance and eliminating the five evils in the capital will bring injustice to the snow what Li Shuwan and Li mubai didn't expect is that each case they solved accidentally involves another case. Is this a coincidence or is there a connection after 40 years of Yuancheng, they were inadvertently involved in an old court case. There were many murders in this case. Many innocent people were killed. The culprit was so evil that he was at large, but there was nothing he could do Li mubai stuck to the right path in his heart and finally died Li Shuwan sought justice for Li mubai, and her body and mind changed greatly a willful and weak long princess has become a steady, determined and step-by-step avenger investigate grievances! Fight for power! Resist the new emperor!

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