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Xiao Bai, do you remember today

Xiao Bai, do you remember today

Xiao Bai, do you remember today

Rating: 9 / 10 from 26466 ratings
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    Xiao Bai, do you remember today
  • Author:

    Ding Xiaoliu
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    Wine Novel
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"Sister paper, you have such a big hole in your head, a crooked nose and blood all over. According to my experience... It should be a car accident." "but I can't drive." in front of this ferocious woman, with a flat mouth and an expression of grievance, it seems that her face is getting more and more terrible "I didn't say you were driving." then I stretched out my finger and pointed to a thin man floating beside her. "Did you see the glass slag on his face? He drove the car." the woman turned her head slightly, saw an apologetic smile on the man's face, and immediately screamed I smiled a professional smile at them and said politely: "please go aside and recall carefully. If you remember smoothly, someone will pick you up soon. next!" ... "you break the rules! If I can't remember how I died, I have to wait here all the time!" Here comes another grumpy brother "sorry, this is the rule." I pulled the corners of my mouth, indicating that there was nothing I could do "I want to complain! Complain!" when I heard the speech, my eyes burst into tears. I quickly grabbed big brother's hand: "if you go smoothly, don't forget to complain." just because I can't remember how I died, I've been trapped here for 40 years, okay!

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