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Madam, I finally waited for you

Madam, I finally waited for you

Madam, I finally waited for you

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    Madam, I finally waited for you
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    Dong Xiaoyang
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2023-03-15 21:32:52
On the last night when nanshuang planned to go to another world to find northern desert cold, his father said coldly, "if you want your mother's property, go to the grave and ask your mother for it." my brother just wanted to play with Nanyue and didn't even want to see her more nanshuang finally made up his mind and crossed another parallel space-time where the northern desert cold was located with the divine book the northern desert cold is extremely powerful. People respect him like a God and love her very much he said: "Shuanger, I will block all the darkness out of your world in this life. You just have to be my wife and stay carefree by my side." people in the upper class think nanshuang is just a poor girl with no appearance. She is not worthy of beixiansheng at all later, facts proved that she was not an ordinary girl, but a queen who was reborn, powerful and decisive after nanshuang found the memory of her previous life, she vowed that she would not let go of any of the demons that killed her and her child in her previous life.

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