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Dr. Su, please give me another shot

Dr. Su, please give me another shot

Dr. Su, please give me another shot

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    Dr. Su, please give me another shot
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    The evening has its morning
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    Sky Book
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2023-03-22 06:52:39
"Why do they want to kill me?" Su Xiaomo was out of breath after being chased "because you killed the demon." Chuang Tzu was not in a hurry and clapped to open the bone fan "... That's not right. There are so many people who kill demons, why do they stare at me?" "because you kill." Su Xiao almost regarded this sentence as stupid Zhuang Zixun slowly took a mouthful of apricot blossom wine and slowly entered his throat, but his eyes never left the gorgeous smile in the crowd. It seemed that she finally saw him and came "how about this wine?" "sweet." a big carrot exploded with light! "Why not?" a mirror is going to eat people! "Why not?" the tiger's teeth are fine! "Why not?" the female leader's aura is broken at the beginning ~ "he... Um... Farewell!" 1v1 and the vicious girl is recuperating (accidentally injured when breaking the aura) it's really not funny. Please keep a serious attitude.

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