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I really don t want to save people

I really don t want to save people

I really don t want to save people

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    I really don t want to save people
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    Life is cold and thin
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    Health Books
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2022-06-23 10:47:50
In this world, everyone is spreading the "rumor" of purple stars falling from the sky, but they don't know that the end is coming. Is the grudge curse of the holy witch priest thousands of years ago true or just a horror legend "ordinary" girl Chu Weining only wanted to work at ease in the workplace and try to make money, but she suffered repeated accidents, fired her boss, lost her boyfriend and ran away from home. Her life was bleak until a golden "chicken" Appeared in front of her and claimed to help her become a saint and save all the people. Chu Weining sneered. She was just a selfish mortal. How could it be? her parents disappeared strangely, she was inexplicably poisoned, the mysterious hat man was haunted, and her middle school friend, danghong Xiaohua, died mysteriously. All this involved her in a huge black vortex and prompted her to explore the truth, But the closer she got to the truth, the more confused she became...

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