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After her rebirth, her royal highness is a black lotus.

After her rebirth, her royal highness is a black lotus.

After her rebirth, her royal highness is a black lotus.

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    After her rebirth, her royal highness is a black lotus.
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    Trinity white moonlight
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    Long Novel
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As a princess, Shen Qianzhao was pampered and brought up from a young age. Unexpectedly, his country was destroyed and his family was destroyed. He was forced to marry his enemy with obsession, her soul wandered for thousands of years, and finally reborn and returned to the previous life this time, she should not only protect her father, brothers and sisters and the people, but also protect song Huai's heart that she loves but cannot, becomes crazy and dies young [small theater 1] SHEN Qianzhao raised song Huai's chin, smiled, and his soft white hands moved around his heart, "Lord song, do you people in the East Hall have a good face like you?" Song Huai maintained a respectful kneeling posture, motionless, and his eyes were calm, "Your Highness, you shouldn't be like this." [small theater 2] Song Huai found that, The little princess in the palace may be crazy when we first met, we wiped sweat and sent embroidered handkerchiefs to the eunuch and told him his maiden name at the second meeting, I hugged and kissed myself, and claimed to be responsible for myself at the third meeting, the overlord tried to bend himself into the palace to go to bed... Song Huai restrained himself and kept the ceremony, remembering the three words and forbearance - later, the little princess grew up and wanted to fly Song Huai, the powerful east hall governor, couldn't help but confine the petite girl in his arms and press her down on the embroidery his voice is hoarse and deep, "not everyone in East Hall is born with a good face like his subordinates..." "Your Highness, if you are happy, you should be physically and mentally one and end with one." - [charming Princess Meisha who teases Su Tian's obsession vs. cruel, cruel and humble governor of East Hall]

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