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I m your little marshmallow

I m your little marshmallow

I m your little marshmallow

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    I m your little marshmallow
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    Yun Jiuqi
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2022-08-04 22:38:17
When Gu Nian was a sophomore in senior high school that year, she met the best of her at the best age. She wore a mask and hat all day. She didn't look real, didn't like to talk and went alone. But it happened that she won Gu Nian's first place for a long time, which also fascinated the youth. Then she is Jiang Jin. Jiang Jin has a stage name called Jin Mian. She started her career at the age of 11. She wandered into the entertainment industry alone. This is six years. She lost what a girl should have. She learned to carry everything alone until the gentle teenager appeared "no matter whether you have a bright future or are dying out, little cotton will always accompany you!" "fans are your little cotton, so I'm your marshmallow, sweet but not greasy?" this article mainly focuses on the youth campus, a small number of entertainment circles and cities do not like to enter carefully.

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