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Thank you for not marrying

Thank you for not marrying

Thank you for not marrying

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    Thank you for not marrying
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    See the bright moon
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    Cook Books
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2023-03-19 02:32:48
Yao Yi, who just graduated from work and became a migrant worker, was caught fishing at work by the boss boss Cheng Jinci is a workaholic, indifferent and ruthless. "Deduct half a month's salary, observe performance, and then decide whether to continue hiring." Yao Yi gnashing his teeth and humming! Forced to work hard, it's better to go home and get married and be a housewife! With a husband, who wants this salary "what! You don't want to get married?!" Yao Yi looked at her boyfriend of three years in disbelief "Yao Yao, we are too young to be bound by marriage so early..." Yao Yi broke up angrily and was forced to return to his post boss Cheng Jinci signed the agreement with a smile and told her: "in this world, only the money in his pocket will never betray you." three years later two years later, Yao Yi deposited tens of millions and bought a villa next to the blood sucking boss "you're right." Yao Yi smiled at Cheng Jinci, "only money can bring happiness." Cheng Jinci hugged the person in front of him and whispered, "not only, but also me." PS: both are money eyes

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