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Heavy rain knows the season

Heavy rain knows the season

Heavy rain knows the season

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    Heavy rain knows the season
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    Author zlrl4z
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2022-08-02 04:22:42
"Meet the little lady" man "meet the husband" woman "once through the sea, it's difficult to make water, except that Wushan is not a cloud. Take a lazy review of the flowers, half because of the cultivation and half because of the gentleman." the man just finished reading, and the woman grabbed her ear "ah! Let go, it hurts, and then pulling her ear will bleed." the woman let go, After careful inspection, I found a fresh ear hole in the left auricle "ah! What kind of pierced ears do you have? You have nothing to do." the woman opened her hand and joked to "it's not that you're afraid I'll be looked at by others. I'll pierce my left ear. You're bringing me an ear pin as a courtesy." the man said to explain why and what's the purpose, "When we get married, you're bringing me a wife gift. So I won't be looked upon by others!" the man then said "how's it? Now be happy!" the man felt the woman's mood change and asked "you bastard, you don't want your future." The woman was very moved by the man's explanation, but the man's future represents their future and the man's future. How could she not care? "the future is important to you! Besides, there's sister ah Zhu? It's her idea. If something goes wrong, find her." the man listened to the woman's concern for herself. He was very happy to hold the woman and said

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