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Magic eye miracle doctor

Magic eye miracle doctor

Magic eye miracle doctor

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    Magic eye miracle doctor
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    Acacia like wind
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    Wine Novel
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2022-08-08 20:58:32
Yue Yun's greatest ideal is to become the best doctor in China good luck can't be stopped. Before the college entrance examination, you inadvertently turn on a system to gain magic in your eyes. At a glance, you can know whether people or things are sick and where they are take one bite of the medicinal materials planted in the system space. They are full of strength. They are the same as the body. They are the necessary artifact for medicine to generate God the music rhyme that has been struggling to be a national player in Xinglin is almost dizzy however, the reality is very skinny. The system is semi disabled and needs to eat to maintain. It doesn't eat gold or silver. It wants to eat tall things such as aural jadeite, rare treasures and so on since then, Miss Le has another task on her way to become a peerless female miracle doctor - helping the system find food< br>

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