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After wearing the book, I raided the sick prince

After wearing the book, I raided the sick prince

After wearing the book, I raided the sick prince

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    After wearing the book, I raided the sick prince
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    Moroccan blue
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    Health Books
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2022-01-15 21:50:05
Wear books + Meng Bao + Tian Chong shuangwen 1v1, Shuangjie when Chu Xiyue woke up, she found herself wearing a book and an ancient sweet favorite article played by the popular idol fried chicken Xiao Zhan there was not only a little boy who called his mother, but also a notorious killer elder martial brother, and a second martial sister who was addicted to money. Fortunately, he happened to pick up a paranoid, paranoid and arrogant man life is as wonderful as it is if it's not that he looks like an idol in his previous life, if it's not that he's an open man Chu Xiyue wants to shoot him into the Pacific Ocean when reading, I didn't think there was a problem with the man's character. There were many twists and turns between him and the woman. Finally, I can't blame him for successfully taking the woman away. It's all Bai Lianhua's fault. On the contrary, I still think he is handsome and cool enough however, only when you come into contact with it will you know that paranoia, paranoia and arrogance are as annoying as they are annoying * Xiao Zhan recently took over a big I P and played the male owner of an online red book. In the early stage of the male Lord, all kinds of paranoia, all kinds of madness, all kinds of arrogance, all kinds of arrogance, and finally successfully forced the female Lord away to tell you the truth, Xiao Zhan doesn't like this man, but this is the work of the originator of sweet pet Wen and the great God writer. Xiao zhanmian is difficult to play however, I found something wrong when I acted * Chu Xiyue put her hands on her hips and said, "how can you oppose me?" the man lazily raised his eyes: "how can these things dirty Yuer's hands?" [a soft and cute woman on the surface] and [a sick and charming man on the surface]