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Good morning, lawyer Yue!

Good morning, lawyer Yue!

Good morning, lawyer Yue!

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8567 ratings
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    Good morning, lawyer Yue!
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    Gu Qingyu
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    Wind Book
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2022-08-09 11:02:00
Su Qingcheng, a new legal person, passed through as soon as she came to Ba, her husband sent an assistant to throw money, "the money for divorce signing is yours!" the assistant's heart: she must be as reluctant to leave as before, dying to love the president actually, Su Qingcheng smiled, "OK, OK!" holding this ten million yuan to chase my male god, isn't it fragrant the second generation of rich mothers came with evil spirits, "give you five million to leave my son!" the lady's heart: this woman must be like those flirtatious bitches before, pretending to be noble and refusing to ask for money, saying that she is true love for her son as a matter of fact, Su Qingcheng smiles, "OK, ok... What's the aunt's password?" Su Qingcheng happily goes after her male god with tens of millions of money. The male God lives in his own house. Who knows that the male God and the boss are

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