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The man level boss is in the survival game

The man level boss is in the survival game

The man level boss is in the survival game

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    The man level boss is in the survival game
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    Qishi Book
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[infinite flow + overhead, non chieftain krypton gold boss x crazy batch of beauties, 1v1 double cleanliness and mutual favor] boss Ye Nianchu became a king of bronze. When she was pulled into the game again as a novice, the non chieftain attribute was like a shadow find clues and directly find the boss hoarding materials and encountering crisis on the way the game is too difficult... all her luck may have been used to meet Qin mubai when we met for the first time, ye Nianchu looked at the boy holding the brush and thought: this NPC is really nice later, the boy held the art knife and seemed to kill God. However, the smile on his face was gentle and harmless Ye Nianchu:... others are survival, he is a game do you still play with a hammer? Can she report the man hanging up a small town like a paradise, the dangerous end, the song in the deep sea, the suddenly disappeared train, the unfathomable rainforest, the strange sanatorium... dangers are continuous. The so-called players either complete the task and leave or die in the game (there is a reason why the female owner starts to look like a novice in the first round of the game! There is a reason! She has no choice but to write a brief introduction...)

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