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She sprinkles dog food wildly in the e-sports circle

She sprinkles dog food wildly in the e-sports circle

She sprinkles dog food wildly in the e-sports circle

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    She sprinkles dog food wildly in the e-sports circle
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    Deer qianshuang
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    Wind Book
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2023-01-30 20:12:48
[the strongest ADC X in the national service has a high cold appearance and a loyal dog fighting in the wild inside] during the off-season, her game account was maliciously misappropriated and lured people in the high-end ranking of the national service a few days later, the club met and she became the new ADC of SC team Fu Bingyan, captain of SC team, was as cold as ice to her and made things difficult I overheard a rumor that he and the last ADC Cangtong of the SC team were purely beyond friendship Lu beishuang felt sick in his heart. Unexpectedly, the arrogant and cold God Fu was an affectionate and loyal dog to protect his shortcomings - Lu beishuang practiced hard and showed great brilliance in the summer competition. The amazing operation against the sky shocked the whole E-sports circle after the game Fu Bingyan approaches Lu beishuang to the corner of the wall and is preparing to confess... "Captain, you are so close to me! Aren't you afraid of Cang Tong's anger!?" Fu Bingyan narrows his eyes slightly and holds her jaw with his hand, "what's the matter with Cang Tong?" Lu beishuang, "don't you like him?" Fu Bingyan's eyes twitch and his whole body emits a dangerous smell. He bends down to approach her, "In your eyes, I am a man who likes men?" Lu beishuang, "isn't it?" Fu Bingyan chuckled and lowered his head close to her lips, "now? Do you still think I like men?" Lu beishuang took a deep breath and showed contempt in his eyes, "so, Captain, you eat all men and women..."

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